Ode to a sales guy

Since I have lived such a long life, I decided to use my deep chest voice to write an ode to sales guys.

There should be a lot more sales guys (neutral) in different parts of organizations and industries because :

a sales guy follows the trends of the world, a sales guy is curious about the surrounding world. a sales guy is interested in people and their thoughts, needs and desires, problems and dreams. a sales guy wants to solve things and bring joy and add value. a sales guy self gets joy and value from it.

a sales guy understands that she needs help, so a sales guy gathers a team around her who shares same goals and want to achieve the common good, as they themselves benefit from it.  

a sales guy sets goals and works towards them. a sales guy does not mind if the goals are not reached immediately or there are problems along the way, a sales guy plans alternative solutions.

a sales guy gets a lot of bias and resistance and it makes the sales guy try again and try smarter. a sales guy plans, analyzes and makes action plans, thinks about her own message, its quality and to whom and how many times it should be shared. What channels to use for it.

a sales guy knows that sometimes she has to describe things on multiple occasions, from different perspectives, in order to be understood.

a sales guy listens and is present, a sales guy must properly understand and internalize the reality of her client. a sales guy can then crystallize the problem and offer a simple solution. a sales guy can simplify even complex things.

a good sales guy is recognized by the fact that she has reached her goals. a sales guy will not be able to fool herself that she is good if she did not accomplish what she has promised. a sales guy has clear metrics and goals.

a sales guy knows that customers need to be met often and a sales guy knows how to plan her calendar so that there is enough of the right kind of things to do that are leading to completed goals. a sales guy works by sowing in time to mow later. if a sales guy is not busy, it’s her own fault.

a sales guy knows how to communicate things to different people in different ways. a sales guy understands what motivates a person and what a person seeks for.

a sales guy is pleasant and sturdy. a sales guy is happy to be met as a sales guy always brings something new to think about or solves a problem.

a sales guy can forecast things because a sales guy recognizes the signs of the times. a sales guy is systematic, and a sales guy knows how to use systems to make visible to herself and others what she is aiming for and when she intends to achieve it.

a sales guy can take pressure, actually she likes it. a sales guy is used to tight schedules and last-minute difficulties. a sales guy is prepared for them in advance, as the sales guy always has a plan B in the back pocket.

a sales guy gets beaten frequently, but she gets up quickly and wiser

a sales guy knows how to celebrate achievements and rejoice in success. a sales guy does it with the client and sometimes with her own team. a sales guy knows how to reward others for good work because a sales guy wants them to repeat the good work in future.

a sales guy thinks everything is connected to everything and everyone needs everybody. a sales guy wants to get everyone to work in the same direction.

a sales guy knows how to negotiate and make strategies. A sales guy has acquired training and coaching in negotiation skills and a sales guy has trained her own performance and argumentation in front of the camera. a sales guy is happy to receive feedback as it makes her a better sales guy. A sales guy tries to break free from her manners and communicate clearly.

a sales guy will come up with a way. pandemics and other barriers get on the way, but a sales guy is thinking of other ways to generate value and solve things.

a sales guy dares to take risks and a sales guy believes in herself and her team by agreeing to a 50/50 pay structure. a sales guy’s goal is to earn more than the target salary. when sales guy exceeds it, a sales guy gets a reward for it, and that too makes a sales guy try even harder.

a sales guy doesn’t get stuck in unnecessary details, and it doesn’t get lost in detail that don’t add value. A sales guy cannot afford to make super quality in the wrong places, because then a sales guy would not get results.

a sales guy is tenacious and happy, A sales guy is an optimist. Otherwise she is not a sales guy anymore.


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