’Don’t take yourself so seriously’

Observations and lessons collected last week:

Disabled persons, especially those who are not used to it, are very vulnerable to accidents. If there are unrealistic perceptions of our own abilities, it will cause incidents both for ourselves and for our environment. Even though we trust our imaginary abilities 110%, we notice at some point that there is a group of worried people following the situation. So you have to re-examine your own limits and carrying capacity to have a realistic, but optimistic perception of what you are capable of at the time.

I can not  hurry to attach tendons and muscles. The alternatives are accept and wait or go backwards. Growth can not be forced. It can not be controlled, but it can be helped by collaborating with it. Everything has its time. One self either adjusts or doesn’t.

My daughter said yesterday after a fairly eventful day that it starts to get a little irritating with this messing up with everything (meaning me). In my middle school, my teacher Isa, called me Sählä (someone who doesn’t concentrate and messes up things) . Have I learned anything along the years?

So I dropped my cellphone into a bucket of water. I could not bend to lift it. Whole shelf of glasses dropped into the sink, on top of me, and on the floor thousands of scraps.  The glass mirror door fell on the floor, first falling on Alli’s hand. She hit his head while dodging, as I was on the way. One mirror door proke to pieces. Luckily, Alli didn’t get any wounds, but only a strong hit on her hand.

So I just really need to watch when things are looked after without my involvement. Let’s see if I will learn. Fortunately, around me there are a lot of gentle and friendly people who can encourage me to take it easy and they notice my excessive activation.

Six weeks in this universe is nothing. I myself am in all this a tiny rounding error, but still an important part of the whole picture. Dont’t take yourself so seriously. That’s the learning. My good friend said, ’I will come to a good and courageous mood when I think of myself being so small in this universe’ – a wonderful tought!

However, I have made the activity in the testing different things in my kitchen to fulfill my spare time. I baked for the first time in my life some traditional, complex,  spoon cookies, and stuffed them with my own self made apple marmelade!

Yesterday we had many cooks in the kitchen, it was fun, but quality control was lacking. Nobody had leadership, I had an idea and a vision, but I did not tell it clearly to others. I left the kitchen to do other stuff. In the end, we had to bake the same dough twice, the cookie cutters were found just before the last portion went to oven, some of the cookies got covered with salt and cinnamon and the last portion got burned. However, around 50 really good cookies were baked. 30 was destroyed. Percentually quite ok.

’Too many cooks spoil the broth?’ Not necessarily. We only needed a project manager who would have been  responsible for the result.


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