A profound generalist?

I was asked to talk about the stages of my working life and career development in a group.

It was a good exercise, as it highlighted a few trends or themes that describe my work life. However, everything is relative and everything can be questioned, I also reserve the right to change my mind and learn something new in this process as well.

Wide rather than deep

My longest employment relationship has been with one employer for 12.5 years, however, with my job changing there every few years (mostly on an upward trend)

Otherwise, the theme of the puzzle of my working life has been the desire to know and learn, to increase experience. Through learning, and I can apply what I did earlier in a new environment.

Depth has come in generic matters (is it possible to be a profound generalist?)such as leadership and sales / fundraising. Not so much in one employer or one industry or specialty.

Mission and results above

Almost all of my tasks have been about making a difference and driving a change. At this point, it must be said that the relevance of work has a lingering effect on the rewards of working life. No salary can replace the experience that comes from getting something significant done.

I consider the biggest and remaining result in the history books to be a by-product of the ’Save my private parts’ campaign, which clearly criminalizes female genital mutilation in Finland as well. Didn’t get a bonus from that.


Increasing expertise has required investment. my salary has dropped several times as I moved from job to job. Eg Sales to HR, ICT to NGO. I haven’t wanted to stay still, but some inner curiosity has always driven me to new learning.

Tolerance of uncertainty vs trust

Some people think crazy movements and strange turns have demanded basic safety for life. Bold choices and risk-taking (good luck with a spouse also helps, not so secular)

  • ’This working life is not so serious’
  • ’ However, everything will turn out well in time ’
  • ’ There is no such thing as something that would not be possible. ’
  • ’ Most errors can be fixed or it will be important to learn from them. ’

Changing a safe and working relationship puts the ego at risk and takes you into an area of discomfort. Suddenly, you are the new student in the class again, without networking and language skills.


If the authorization to act independently expires or learning ends, Mrs Antturi will start engines

Cooperation and accountability

Nothing can be done alone. You need others for everything Still so that they voluntarily join according to the gang. Pay back the good you have received.

Job difficulty, salary, and status don’t go hand in hand

An easy task can pay well, a hard one less. High status and task difficulty are not the same thing. Well-being and happiness do not depend on any of them.

On average, I could say that the most difficult tasks have been the most meaningful, I have felt awake in them.

Things should always be put in perspective

Could it be so that in this time of the universe, my job and challenges are not in the center?

Low maintenance

Such a CV requires flexibility in terms of fixed costs and luxury.


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